37 Signals offers popular “frustration-free” collaboration and productivity tools to freelancers and small businesses, and they keep their web content straightforward, too.

When visitors arrive to a site, they want to know if they’re at the right place. 37 Signals helps people determine that immediately by noting who can benefit from their solutions (designers, consultants, manufacturers, etc.). And they nicely segment their offerings and provide descriptive teasers for each tool, setting expectations on what to expect beyond each link.

For example, when you mouse over the Basecamp button, the text reads: Are you still managing projects with email? Are you still using Excel for your to-do lists? It’s time to upgrade to Basecamp. Manage projects and collaborate with your team and clients the modern way. They demonstrate they understand you and your pain, and offer a better way to work.


The folks at Mailchimp get right down to ‘monkey business’ with a clear explanation of what they offer: Easy Email Newsletters. No “Best-in-class automated information distribution system technology” rubbish here.

They get to the point, saying more with less. It fits with their mantra of making things easy. Headline, short and descriptive intro, ‘sign up free’ button and a cute chimp graphic – done.

They carry the straight talk throughout the inner pages. For instance, the ‘Forever Free Plan’ on the pricing page notes: Store up to 2,000 subscribers. Send up to 12,000 emails per month. No expiring trials. No contracts. No credit card required.

Pretty clear. No confusing jargon or legal babble.